Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I just mailed off my first REAL short story to the writing group. And my parents. Except that the ending is totally undone. And not much happens. But I think it's going well. My characters are becoming more defined and clear to me. And I was able to work knitting in, so rock for me! And I got Jeremy to read it and it wasn't a totally emotionally wrecking experience. So, in four years of being together we've learned a thing or two. Yay.

Since my last post, we have moved into a new house. It's maybe a tiny bit smaller than the old house, but with better closet space. And more light. If we can just get the boxes out we'll be doing just fine. And we're closer in to town and right on the MARTA line. And, though I may not yet have told Jeremy, I signed us up to host a party for the writing group next weekend.

And netflix totally rocks!