Friday, February 23, 2007

The Straight Poop

-I am currently work as the receptionist in an accountant's office. This position should last til/thru May. I have ideas on what may come next.
-I am in the process of getting my Alabama college credit transferred to my community college. Any thoughts on a program of study are welcome.
-Lily turns three next month and I do not have any ultra current photos. We can't find the camera battery charger at the moment, and while there are other scenarios that would work (i.e. new batteries), this is just the way we are. Deal with it.
-I have been dealing with these weird symptoms (fatigue, lack of attention span) and I was web-searching what they could possibly be (mono, lead poisoning, chronic fatigue syndrome). I should mention that I can be slightly hypochondriacal. But my search for fatigue brought up something with a symptomology of fatigue, lack of attention span, loss of interest in things you once enjoyed and I was 3 for 3. (have not knitted since christmas, more or less) It was depression. I'm bipolar and I have been on medication for more than ten years, but it's all been manic, manic, manic lately, so when the depression hit (as it would when I was changing antidepressants) I never considered that. Talk about forest for the trees. I admit, it's not all that interesting, but it's what I got.