Friday, November 03, 2006

General Update - 11-3-06

Hi. Things have been crazy, well, forever, but I've been less in touch lately, so here's what has happened to me lately, so we can all save our cell minutes for more important stuff, like talking about other people. Or yarn. I'm flexible.
- I got a new job in June. I used to tell people not to ask me what I do as it is pretty dull, but that only made them more interested, so, just so we don't have to cover it later... I work for a real estate research firm that maintains a database of apartment complexes over 50 units in markets around the country. My particular job is to verify the management company of each complex in the developing market and also to make changes in the "open" markets. I've got mad research skill, yo. Sort of. It pays well and it has benefits, so it'll do. However it does start at 7 am, but you will be amazed to note that I am very often on time.
- The past year or so has been a crazy adventure in the mental health arena. When we got here, we had insurance, but not precription coverage (?!?) and my meds were $500+ per bottle, so I went without meds for a little while (bad idea, I know) but I eventually got back on my meds and continued to cycle periodically and then kind of non stop so in March I quit my job at the yarn company (long story, lots of free yarn, I still quit, see? crazy). I am currently cycling again, but under medical supervision. And I have a therapist. On speed dial. (Quick note: "cycling" means that my mood is not stable, but changes from depressed to manic rather unpredictably.)
- This summer our house got struck by lightning, which was not dangerous to us, but killed some of our house's electrical stuff and several of our pricier appliances. This was followed in quick succession by "roach season," a visit from my mother, a visit from Jeremy's parents, the start of school which we were slightly unprepared for, due to previous drama, and an ear infection in Jeremy and pneumoina in Lily.