Sunday, May 28, 2006

First off, Lily made this cast of her feet after she mashed all her play do into this lovely melange.

Then she submitted this design for the World Trade Center site. Here's hoping the committee will accept our bathroom door.

Here is a portrait of the artist in all her fabulousness.

And here, the artist, and her mother, express their dramatic natures.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Upside of Obsession

Is that I have even more fabulous stuff to show you. Well, I like it a good bit. Most of it works in progress on ideas being refined, but it's really coming along some of it. Let me know what you think.

First of all, here is a local color shot of Lily with her Pop Pop.

And here is my second try at haberdasherical adornment, and it is going to Nashville, because Herb was the first person to admire the last one.

And here, after much debate, mailbox checking and general bellyaching are the star wars jewelry demos. I know the earrings are not exactly symmetrical, the others will be, I made these on the fly. But the ear wires are sterling silver. It is very easy to get a good amount of these anonymous characters (there are eight or so uniformed guys in one package) and I think as matched sets, they make good earrings. Thoughts on the accompanying beadwork are appreciated. More? Less? Chandelier style pieces with jawas and stormtroopers and tusken raiders all battling it out? Moving on...

Here it is, the piece de resistance, Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the Star Wars Charm Bracelet. It's possible I forgot to mention it, but the earrings are available to anyone willing to hand out my business card to anyone who seems interested. Which will come in handy when I get my website up. I require sleep. Y'all take care.


Here is the diaper bag I made for the lovely Francesca. If you are going to be having a baby in the future, you might want to let me know any color preferences and so on, as these are going into my standard repertoire. I was going for manly, dignified and a little bohemian, and considering it was a diaper bag, I think I did okay. I haven't made anything recently that I've also gotten pictures of, so we'll leave it at that for now.

Monday, May 15, 2006

More Lily pics and more stuff I made

Those stickers were bought from Martha Stewart dot com to go on wedding invitations back in the day. I still have a lot left over. It's like we have wedding pox.

These next two I bought because I thought I could make something really really cool out of them, but their coolness is too much for every plan I have yet come up with. As usual, any ideas are welcome, with the possibility of reward by stash-diving.

And this I am calling the turkey pants tie. Everyone I have shown or mentioned the idea too has pointed out that anyone who wears ties would be unlikely to wear a tie with a cupcake on it. Especially a beaded, sequined embroidered tie. It's a concept I am working on refining.

Crazy, but productive

Hi all. I am sure you have been wondering things like, where is Jenny and what is she making. Fear not, I am here to tell you. With visual aids, even. Another exam season has come and gone, and the Eisenberg family has survived. I'm working on a harper's index of exactly what these first two semesters have involved, but like so many things, it is not done yet.

This is the apron I made for work. I heart batik. Also, note that the pineapples on the trim look like Spongebob's house. Don't bother, I got it all. But I have some left over if you've any ideas.

The multi-pink skirt is made out of three fabrics I got in the sale bin at work. And a free pattern from the discard bin. I'm so cheap. The second skirt was from three pieces of tie-dyed fabric I got at the Mesa Thrift Store, the same pattern, and some various notions I had around.

More pictures in another post.