Monday, May 15, 2006

Crazy, but productive

Hi all. I am sure you have been wondering things like, where is Jenny and what is she making. Fear not, I am here to tell you. With visual aids, even. Another exam season has come and gone, and the Eisenberg family has survived. I'm working on a harper's index of exactly what these first two semesters have involved, but like so many things, it is not done yet.

This is the apron I made for work. I heart batik. Also, note that the pineapples on the trim look like Spongebob's house. Don't bother, I got it all. But I have some left over if you've any ideas.

The multi-pink skirt is made out of three fabrics I got in the sale bin at work. And a free pattern from the discard bin. I'm so cheap. The second skirt was from three pieces of tie-dyed fabric I got at the Mesa Thrift Store, the same pattern, and some various notions I had around.

More pictures in another post.

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