Monday, May 15, 2006

More Lily pics and more stuff I made

Those stickers were bought from Martha Stewart dot com to go on wedding invitations back in the day. I still have a lot left over. It's like we have wedding pox.

These next two I bought because I thought I could make something really really cool out of them, but their coolness is too much for every plan I have yet come up with. As usual, any ideas are welcome, with the possibility of reward by stash-diving.

And this I am calling the turkey pants tie. Everyone I have shown or mentioned the idea too has pointed out that anyone who wears ties would be unlikely to wear a tie with a cupcake on it. Especially a beaded, sequined embroidered tie. It's a concept I am working on refining.


Herb Williams said...

This is one of the funniest things I've ever read in my life, and i've never been more proud. Also I have a curious desire to eat a turkey cupcake, or at least wear that tie. Love, Herb

Shayne said...

Quit being so creatively productive, you're making the rest of us A) look bad and B) look really bad considering that we are not producing anything while you are doing such cool stuff while working full time in both retail and as a mom.

Genny said...

I like the tie. I also like your hair. You look really pretty with your wedding pox. :)