Thursday, August 12, 2004

Baby Update

We took Lily to her first movie tonight. We saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Fox Theatre downtown. It's a beautiful restored movie theatre and they show a WB cartoon before the feature. What's not to love? Lily was pretty well behaved and did not cause a scene. We're going to try the drive-in next.

Netflix still totally rocks. It gives you the simulated thrill of having a life without all the work involved in leaving the house. Today we saw Cosi, an Australian comedy starring a young Faramir, as well as Toni Collette, Rachel griffiths and the delightful Barry Otto. Tomorrow, we're having a bogart double feature with the Maltese Falcon and Casablanca.

I finished another hat for Christmas, and not counting the one that doesn't fit Lily, this makes two. So I am way ahead. Yay me! It's a socks and hats kind of Christmas, except for those of you that live in the desert regions of the country. Guess I'll actually have to buy you guys stuff. And learn to make socks. But that's another post.

Haven't had too much free time lately, so my story is languishing. But I've gotten lots of thinking about it done. Lots of ideas for directions in which to take it. I've begun to pretentiously call it my first novel. I refer to it as "what I am pretentiously calling my first novel." That's lame, isn't it? Thought so. Must stop doing that.

The big news around here is that we're thinking of getting a van from my dad. he's selling it cheap and we could use a second car. We're in the market for a new first car, but that's a different post. I'm really excited about the van. It's got AC and a backseat that the carseat will fit in. And lo, the room it has to tote stuff. And lo the stuff laying around the house needing to be toted out of it. If I can just learn to drive a bigass van around the narrow streets here.

To update my image, I got a haircut, and eyebrow wax and a skin care regime. And now I must go attend to my crying child.