Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yarn at Target!!!

That's my breaking news, folks. It's only unverified rumor at this point, but there seems to be YARN in the DOLLAR section at TARGET. I'm living the dream. Three of my favorite words all in the same sentence. I'm speechless.

Today I discovered knitblogging. Not that it's not a well established internet phenomenon. I have a toddler and don't get out much. But awesome. Almost as awesome as the day I discovered sigh. is probably the coolest thing to support my obsession since television without pity and really this is much less obsessed with homosexual subtext. snarky knitters. alas, snarky knitters attacked by trolls.

apparently my blog is huge with cat furniture retailers. awesome. I have put the password validation thingy on there to support my fascist worldview.

if anybody has any tips for making a really awesome resume now would be the time to pass them along. I'm applying for a very cool job and have not had a resume in a number of years and am hard pressed how to present my career spanning the journalistic, chocolate, book and fiber industries. the new job is in Tempe so maybe they will not hold it against me that I live in mesa or that I have a toddler. apparently I also need to work on my interviewing skills. finding a job can be hard on the self esteem.

lily has just recently become the most amazing baby in the world. every day is just so much fun. she's running around and talking and we can read her books and everywhere we go she makes salespeople incredibly nervous. it's awesome. I keep taking her to this one yarn store that I won't name (please give me a job, please please please) and they freak out even though she never breaks anything or even really messes stuff up. I'm trying to figure out if they're over uptight or if I'm undermedicated.

I'm working on incorporating negative space into my knitting. so far it's not going very well. any thoughts (not on cat furniture) would be appreciated.