Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello World!

So, I live in Tampa now. I'm a Floridian. Which is odd. Me being way down here and everyone being okay with that. Whatever.

I'm a stay at home Mom, too. There's, like, 12% unemployment in Tampa, so SAHM it is.

Been going to the library and reading a good bit. Read two books on smallpox, one book on yellow fever and currently working my way through the history of garbage. Still to come, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, Vonnegut and the Dalai Lama. Also reading a lot of children's literature and have come up with two observations. One, it's not so hard to write a children's book. Two, a lot of people who think that are really really wrong.

But, Tampa is nice. The fall is just beautiful, and the verdance (I'm going with it) in general is amazing. It. Is. So. Green. Everywhere. All. The. Time. It loses impact if I do that repeatedly, huh?

I suppose I should also mention that I have another kid now. Henry was born in February. He's almost 8 months old with blond hair and blue eyes. Yup. I now have two 24-karat Aryan babies. Lily is in the first grade and loving it. She just lost her first front top tooth, very exciting!

The pants is teaching, working on his dissertation, and still finding time to pitch in on the laundry and discuss The Venture Brothers every now and again. Could I love him more?

My role, as I see it, is to make everyone's (meaning Lily and the pants') life go smoother. I get to stay home, run the budget, and read books when not directly mothering, so I think it shakes out to fair. I am a fervent disciple of Mark Bittman's cooking and writing. (hint for christmas!) My plan is to go back to school in the spring, but it's still under discussion at this point.

I have big plans for this blog for the rest of this year! Maybe you won't have to wait until 2011 to hear about it!