Sunday, September 19, 2004

Van Culture

So we got this 1994 green Ford Econoline van from my Dad for $100. Thanks, Dad. It's great. Unlike our other car it has both air conditioning and room for our baby seat. Not to mention room for changing the baby and feeding her. And it has it's own trash can so it stays much less cluttered than our usual transportation does. And we have enjoyed taking it on the small road trips we've gone on so far adn we look forward to other road trips, but last night we discovered a higher purpose for the van.

We went to the drive in.

It was dark when we arrived, but it seemed that everyone had vans. I sat on the floor and watched the movie and knitted and then when the baby cired, sat on the floor with the baby and watched the movie. (Sky Captain, not bad.) No one was bothered by outr disuptive child. I could breastfeed and annoy no one. We could adjust the sound level by turning up our radio and then, when the second feature came on, we could change the radio station and look at the next screen over and watch shrek 2 until it was time to go home. Heaven.

We're going again on Thursday (my birthday) to see Hero and the rest of Shrek 2. yay!!