Saturday, June 10, 2006

beware the organized!

They are organizing instead of getting anything done! A sign of a devious mind, for sure. I give you the following exhibits. My craft space. Larger and tidier than it has any right to be. And my blog, unable to figure out how to re-orient pictures once I've uploaded them, and too lazy to re-upload.
Here is the most beautifulest picture of Lily ever! Jeremy took it and he said it was pure chance. Wanted to get that out there before moving on to...

the amazing all knitting needle useless trivet! The one I saw in Bizarre bazaar was made of chopsticks, wood beads and waxed linen thread. Mine is made of double pointed knitting needles, glass "E" beads, and dental floss (An excellent, if kind of icky substitute). (It wasn't used dental floss) It is unusable for any kind of extreme temperature, so I am assuming I will be putting this under a jewelry box, and keeping it in my idea file for the hard to shop for knitter. (It might work to put a coffee cup on)

This is Lily driving her car! If we go outside, but don't have time to "drive" it, we have to stop and say hello to it. The car is foot powered a la the Flintstones, but it can also be parent powered.

Here is Lily looking over the back of the futon and wearing two of the hats I have made. You mean you don't have all your winter clothes in one box in the living room? Heathen. Is it me, or is Lily starting to look like a McCord in some lights? Genealogy is a curious business. And below, I am so glad we got this moment on film. And Lily, as Isaac, your bartender.

The littlest pixie!
(as long as the other pixies weigh more than 29 pounds...)