Sunday, May 06, 2012

What you missed

My lord, the time I wasted watching this. So much. Easily covers six of the fourteen months I wasn't blogging.

Other internet based repositories of that time
       My internet book swap site of choice. The selection is limited, but it has frequently come through for me.
       Sometimes for things quite obscure. (I'm looking at you, Chretien.) Also a good way to slough off the
       children's books we have outgrown. (Looking at you, Captain Underpants.) At media mail rates, it;s about
       2.50 for an average-sized book. Mooching more than one book from a person subsidizes that rate greatly.
       Charlie Pierce is brilliant. Like, four times a day, every week day. I will totally have what he is having.
        He even has enough left over to sound highly amused on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
       If you like your current events with snark, this is high grade black tar stuff.

Non-internet time spendage
- did go back to school. Did ok. Managed to not withdraw from anything.
- Henry turned two.
- Lily is in the second grade.
- I got pleurisy.

More later.