Thursday, January 13, 2005


Lily is now nine months old. Her first Christmas has come and gone. I got her a cute Christmas sweater, but it was so boyish that jeremy started calling her "Lyle." Yeah, he thinks he's funny. I'm learning crochet. And teaching knitting. Lily started daycare today. And she did really well. And we (the parents) did okay, too. I oscillated between elated and destroyed, but it was really alright. I think there will be some bad days ahead when she figures out the schedule, but mostly it'll be okay. She went to sleep tonight a half an hour early. I'm not currently biting my nails due to my new year's resolution, but I have crappy thin nails. And I pick at them when they're long. So my next resolution is to stop picking, but heaven only knows when that'll be. Jeremy is applying to schools again. I've got several half baked plans for how life could be in different destinations. And I'm looking for a second part time job, preferably one that involves a yarn discount, but I'm flexible. But I'm not holding my breath, either. With only six months to go here it's late to be putting down roots.