Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where Have I Been?

Lots going on. Just wanted to post a couple of pictures and be done in time to watch the daily show (or TDS as it's known in the left leaning blogosphere). I just ordered some goodies from I got a book of neat children's knits (new knits on the block, if you must know) and some sock yarn for three different people. The socks will be embarked upon after I finish the project with yarn from work for Lily, which started out as hat but may now be becoming a cardigan. With a zipper, even. Jeremy made an A on his big old (olde?) english midterm! Yay smartylungs! I'm thinking about proposing an idea at work where they let me find a great free web pattern and sponsor a knitalong with our yarns. Or just adapt the free pattern to work really well with our yarns. I'm still working on it, but it has to do with them giving me free yarn and letting me knit what I want and me not having to do the math that designing entails. Got to run.