Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I just started knitting the fabulous boobie scarf from the fall surprise on knitty.com. Remember to do your monthly self check, everybody. I tried to read the news on the internet yesterday but it was all about the chief justice having cancer, which just reminds me of the possibility that Bush could win which upsets me, so instead I knit on my boobie scarf. I'm making different colored boobies. (if you must know, burgundy purple, medium teal and burned orange on dark lime green. it's delicious.)I'm seeing so many Kerry stickers that I'm really very optimistic, but I'm an optimist with a very dark side. Plus, this is not my best time of year anyway. (My dad died 23 years ago Monday.) So for right now I'm keeping my head down and sending out my prayers and positive energies when I have them. Other than that, I'm happy and the family is doing okay. I love my job and Lily is aggressively healthy and normal. She finally meets Uncle Brandon on Thursday night.