Thursday, April 28, 2005

Time Flies.

We're leaving Atlanta sometime in the next two weeks. We'll live with my parents for the summer and then, in late July, we MOVE TO ARIZONA. We priced several different ways of moving and the one we decided we could afford was to sell everything we own and cram the rest in the van and buy new stuff west of the mississippi. So if anyone wants to buy some china, or, really, anything, just let me know. Most of the furniture is going to my little brother and his new family, but we still have plenty of crap to go around. So now that we're leaving everything has become bittersweet. it's my last time to do this, won't be able to see you anymore in Arizona, etc etc ad nauseum. But I'm really looking forward to having the summer off. I'll check and see if anyone needs knitting lessons in the Prattville area, and then I'm off, baby. It's time to eat right and start exercising and maybe some sedate road tripping and lots of reading and knitting. and watching movies.

Lily is doing great. She can now stand a little bit on her own and is an expert crawler. She has several teeth, and has really come through the teething like a champ. We're taking her this weekend to hang out with her big 2 year old cousin Clay and to see her auntie Shayne run in the half marathon. Which my very own brother did the poster for, how cool is that?