Monday, September 04, 2006

Crazy Days! (no pictures of Lily)

Apparently, we at the Eisenberg house save our cleaning energies for late summer, so we have been doing some hefty rearranging, sorting and tossing in these parts. It's possible that having to buuy lots of new stuff in the aftermath of the lightning strike (and the van death), we are reassessing our old stuff. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about my new spinning wheel. Today, Lily needed a nap, so I decided to take the time to drive back out to Apache Junction where I recently scored the Purse Handles of plenty. Lily was still sleeping when we got there, so I decided to reconnoiter a thrift store I had spotted but not visited on a recent trip. This was a St. Vincent DePaul and they had nice stuff, if not rock bottom bargain prices, And I can respect that. I got some more plastic circs and a stone (?) double ended crochet hook for under $2. But the best part was, there was a bead store, literally, next door to the thrift store! Heaven! They were closed to install new shelving, but they let me look around. Lily, now being awake, we went back to the bounteous goodwill and poked around. I found three more tiny pair of purse handles, and some crazy fabric for the undershirt of a leisure suit (green with weirdly polarized shots of 70's love/nature scenes. Fun fun. I look around, trying to keep in mind that I cannot take whatever I want home with me as I now have a small car, let lily play in the toy section, try to conn her into a basketball hoop, but she would rather have the bubble mower, and finally it is time to check out. I make my purchases, like five dollars, and I look over, and there is a spinning wheel next to the counter over yonder. I casually ask the lady if she knows how much it is, she says she does not, and I must extend all my will not to run over and check and actually finish up the purchase process. Finally, Lily and I wander over to inspect it (I am expecting someone to swoop down in front of me and take off running. Normally, this would be paranoid, but we are talking about fiber people here.) The price tag says $39.99. God Bless Goodwill. I do not know a lot about spinning wheels, much more than to say, recognize one as such but I realize this could be a very good deal. It is looser than could be wished in some joints, and it definitely needs to be oiled and possibly cleaned, but if it checks out when I have someone look at it, I see very happy times ahead for me and Alexandretta.