Saturday, September 10, 2005

Look Mom, New Pictures!

Just took some new photos of the fam today. Here's Lily and the pants (note the new suave glasses). And here's me with my new(ish) short hair pulling out of a gas station on our recent cross country move! Wee!

In other news, I have taken a job! I am the newest customer service representative at Southwest Trading Company. Hopefully, this will work out better than my stint at JoAnn's. Anyway... they don't have a cheer here and I get to be around yarn, yarn, beautiful yarn! I spend my days talking to yarn store owners about our product line and assmebling yarn samples to mail to said owners. It's not bad. Basically, I'm getting paid to do just about what I was going to be doing anyway. Hooray!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

is the pendulum swinging?

I'm not an optimist, but today, in the midst of terrible times, there were signs that the Republican monolith's facade may be fracturing under stress.


- also from CNN. "One passer-by shouted the same vulgar phrase to Cheney that the vice president himself had used on the Senate floor in a celebrated and heated exchanged in June 2004 with Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont."

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- from The War Room at

An Ann Coulter speech? Thanks but no thanks
We haven't heard much from Ann Coulter in the last few days.

As Hurricane Katrina was striking the Gulf Coast, Coulter was suggesting that New Yorkers, who "don't really consider themselves a part of the rest of America," wouldn't come to the aid of its victims. But that was more than a week ago, and we haven't heard mention of Coulter since.
Maybe she's still doing her regular spew and we just haven't noticed. Either way, we can't say we miss her, and it appears that we're not alone: Harding University, an Arkansas college affiliated with the Church of Christ, has disinvited her from its lecture series after learning a little more about the way in which she chooses to express herself.
In an e-mail message to faculty members, Harding's director of public relations said that the school's administration had "re-evaluated" its decision to invite Coulter to speak. "Harding and Ann Coulter are probably on the same page on many issues," the school's spokesman told Inside Higher Ed. But he said school officials had grown "concerned with the manner in which she presents her ideas. We believe that some of her comments are very controversial and confrontational, and we just weren’t comfortable with that."

- from the al franken show

President Bush said last week, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."
Well, that's incredibly false.
More interestingly, even Saturday Night Live's Mr. Bill anticipated the breach of the levees. Bush a liar? Oh noo!

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Shropshire Slasher

So we're spending a cozy weekend at home watching baseball and Looney tunes with the baby. And thousands of my fellow Southerners are suffering. I've been processing my response to this all week. Watching too much CNN and withdrawing from the world. At first it seemed bad but this is the US, so they have things under control, right? they have people who plan for these things. that's their job. And then the news kept getting worse and worse. And they kept holding press conferences and congratulating each other on their "response." their still doing that, and people continue to die. It may not be reasonable, but I feel that if this had hit say, New Hampshire or Connecticut heads would be rolling right now and most of the SNAFUs would not have happened. But it's the South. Flyover country, and I'm developing a persecution complex. Do what you can to help. I'm just not sure yet what that is.