Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two Finished Objects!! (more or less)

I finished the striped baby sweater that I started on the trip home from New York last month. Well, it still needs to be seamed, but the knitting is done, and also, the sixty two ends have been woven in! That's right. 62. That's why I'm calling this one finished. After that, a little mattress stitch is a trifle. This is intended for my upcoming niece, formerly known as baby X. I started a pinkish one before I knew it was a girl, and then I started this one, to make up, just in case (plus, I ran out of yarn on the pinkish one). But baby X has been named, and she shall forthwith be known as Magnolia Reese, mostly called by Maggie.

This next FO is a conundrum. I had planned this one for awhile, but lacked certain components, and once I acquired all of them I discovered that it is not easy to use jump ring pliers. As this was my prototype bracelet I didn't really sweat it. I'll do better next time, when it counts. This is basic on all levels, beads, interesting assortment of characters, quality of findings. But when I tried to share my vision with the world, my digital camera refused to cooperate. I took many many blurry shots of my new jewe but it's coolness confounds photography. Either my bracelet is the loch ness monster of adornment, or I need some photography pointers. One or the other. If anybody knows the name of these gray suited guys with their white helmets and black vests, I'd love to know who they are. I tried searching the unofficial star wars encyclopedia, but they didn't sort by "Imperial garb?" Losers. (And yes, I didn't check the official one beacuse you need to log in, and I am just that lazy) The other thing you should know about the bracelet is that the blurry circular shape, is a ceramic bead with the star wars logo (or, the words "star wars" in the star wars font) in metallic ink. I found them and I bought them all. Don't even ask.

In other news, the new job seems to be interesting and thus far non-threatening. And the promise of a discount (after 30 days employment) is more beguiling still. That's all I have. I got a date with some mattress stitch.

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