Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm so glad you asked

I have been rather busy of late. I started carpooling, but my carpoolee unexpectedly took another job (well, anyway, I wasn't expecting it). I did get like three days of knitting in. I used Stephanie's gorgeous handspun in the "Pine Forest" colorway and kind of winged it on the pattern (thank you, yarn harlot!). I see a "matching" scarf in my future. I have been wondering if I should get my Christmas knitting underway, and what that should entail. (maniacal laughter is encouraged) Maybe I'll just sew this year...

Here is Lily in her most preppiest dress! And you can see how I have modified some shelves to store my stash. I had this all planned out this afternoon, but now it is way past my bedtime. Tomorrow, I will make notes.

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