Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why do I smell like onions?

At the Zoo

Okay. Guest Editor here. Is this that Information Superhighway?

Jenny wanted me to post some of the pictures of Lily's first birthday party--the first one she actively anticipated and might remember. Once she was told of its location (the Phoenix Zoo) she regularly beckoned us to "Go zoo." She actually speaks in perfect sentences, so I'm not sure why she said it that way.

Anyway, at the party Lily crafted with her mommy, which was like never leaving home, except for the carousels and kids and monkeys, mostly. The hosts of the party knit a cupcake for Lily in her favorite color and with neat little buttons. She is toasting us with it in the first picture while also giving a preview of her Halloween costume. She called herself a princess, her mother agreed, and so Lily naturally asked, "Where's my castle?" Fortunately, we found one very well-located in the corner of her room.

Also at the party, they made masks that I am made to wear (either as elephant or giraffe) but I'm told strictly to wear my glasses over my mask, and we wear them to Lily's castle (or her purple tent) where Lily and I both share "magic" (or: imaginary) drink boxes that she still needs my help to open. She uses her magic wand to conjure the magic Krabby Patties, too, which she feeds to her toothless Play-doh dental patient. It's a good way to spend a Sunday morning after Stephanopolous.

Also, Lily has appropriated the ice cube trays.

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Mary said...

How cute! Who's the guest post-er?