Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pictures All Around!

Here we are in all our finery for our attempt at the first annual Mother's Day Family Portrait. We learned how to use the timer on our digital camera and posed it conveniently on that cinderblock column you see to Jeremy's left (right, whatever) in the foreground. The fountain picture was the last we took (not in our backyard, but nearby) as the heat was getting to our photographic subject.

Recently as Jeremy and I were discussing Lily in the front seat, a disgruntled voice from the back piped up, "I'm right here."

Work continues to go well. I am one store in the complex over from Trader Joe's and that store in between us? Michael's. It'd be a lot better if they sold Lamb's Pride, but I can console my self with cotton ease for a little while.

Jeremy is just about to pitch his dissertation to his advisors and, I believe, Gutenberg's people. His lead line about Sidney and the coterie is killer.

The garden is (basically) finished. All the spots I

wanted to fill have been filled, and once I figure out why some plants are thriving and some not I may want more. But at the moment, all I have left to do is buy a small bag of cactus mix and a pot and repot the last two succulents. Yay!!

This week we shall attempt to put together a tricycle. We may be overconfident from the camera timer escapade.

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Wannabe said... guys look so cute! Hey at least Michael's has the Martha Stewart aisle just go stand there in the middle of the aisle like I do until someone kicks me out, grabs a mop and cleans up my drool. :) The new colors of Cottonease are fab though!