Thursday, June 24, 2004

My New Image

A lot of heavy stuff going on in the world lately, but I feel like being frivolous. So here goes...

So I'm taking stock of my life lately and seeing what it all adds up to. Breastfeeding, check. Breastfeeding in public places and in front of every male in my family, check. Obsession with knitting in particular and handmaking things in general, check. No makeup and not even a bra unless I'm going somewhere, check. Apparently, I have some granola tendencies. Was I always like this? I guess so. It's just more pronounced now. So I'm trying to punk up my life a little. Show that I still know from style and am more than just your average stay at home mom. But what can I do? Pink dye would only cover up the grey hairs of which I am inexplicably proud. A tattoo is an awfully big step. And for that matter, a tattoo of what? If only they had polls on blogger... Well, I'm taking submissions. My favorite idea is just to get a tattoo of the word "tattoo." Wanna see my tattoo? You get the joke. *I* think it's a funny one. Anyway... yes, I understand what a unique snowflake slash space monkey I am. I just want to tweak my image a little. I just don't know where to start. It's weird. I'm happier than I've ever been. I love my husband. I have a beautiful, happy baby who is (thank you, Jesus) healthy. And she sleeps through the night, too. I just figure... I went through 22 hours of labor AND a c-section and have embraced the resulting adult lifestyle that the aftermath required. I just want a physical outward sign that says I acknowledge all that, and I'm not dead yet, either.

And smoking is out. it's been almost a year since my last cigarette. I can no longer take the guilt with the littering, the harm it causes my body, as another person now depends on it for transportation, hygeine and food. Not to mention the smell on my clothes. And my knitting. Yuck! Stinky knitting. Good thing I quit when I did. But I SO miss it. Like I miss sleeping in positions that deny Lily immediate access to my boobs. There are just things I can not do anymore. So I want to explore those routes that are still open to me. Speaking of that, if you can't donate blood after you get a tattoo, what's the rule on breastfeeding and tattoos? There's a question for the La Leche League. tattoos are probably out. I guess part of being an adult is just learning that it might just be enough for me to be me. As soon as I find out where they sell the pink hair dye near my house.


Jesslyn said...

Why do you smell like onions??

Oh sorry that's off topic of what I came to say, which is off topic from what I'm commenting on... Thanks for stopping by the bbbb knitalong blog and leaving your comments. Would you care to be a participant and give those of us just starting on this blanket a little inspiration (and perhaps occasionally a little help)? I've got one other participant that signed up today and I'm trying to get her information so I can add her to the participant list. If you're interested in being listed also (which we would love) please let me know (either comment in the bbbbalong blog or my syfph.blogspot blog). Thanks!

Oh and just for the record, while I don't know for sure, I think you can get piercings while breastfeeding but not tattoos. Plus the great thing about piercings is they are as pretty as they are nonpermanent and it will give Lily something shiny to try to yank out of your skin. Won't that be fun? Seriously, it's a good alternative and it doesn't hurt as much. I have had my eyebrow, ears, tongue, and lip pierced (not all at the same time though) and I love and miss them all. You may want to consider it. Also I doubt Lily could rip out a tongue piercing (and no, I don't have a lisp, never did).

Jesslyn said...

Thanks for joining the knitalong. :) I've added you as a participant.
As far as what you need to do, just check the knitalong blog every now and then when you have time and see how people are doing. Also, if you update your blog about your baby blanket, let me know and I'll post a link as an update. Or just post your update in the comments section and I'll copy into the journal.
Oh and once more people have joined I may start doing silly contests or something along that line, so you can come by and try to win.

Mary said...

One way to "punk" your image would be to dress Lily in little hipster outfits. Ya know - tees that read: Born to Rock, or Bad to the Bone. Other than that, I think you're great the way you are. Of course I didn't know pre-mommy Jenny, but I like the crafty mama you've become.