Sunday, June 13, 2004

My new project.

I'm obsessed with knitting. More about obsessions in general, at a later date. But currently, knitting is my thing. I hang out with knittiers, I knit at work when I can and I talk about knitting. to my husband, who know nothing about knitting and several other non knitting friends. I'm considering joining the knitting guild so I can enroll in their master knitter program. Say Master Knitter a couple times. It's fun. So, yeah. Knitting. But tonight, I think I may have gone too far. Tonight, I started plotting out my very own knitting murder mystery. It's a natural extension for me. I have this huge background in books and I love murder mysteries. My parents write murder mysteries and murder mysteries routinely take place inside a small community, not unlike the local knitting community. And they (not my parents) write murder mysteries about freaking talking corgis, so why the eff not a murder mystery with knitting. (And NO, no one will be stabbed with knitting needles) if anyone thinks of a good title, I'm open to suggestion. I know there's one out there, I'm just not there yet. Anyway, it's my first book and Tuesday night I'm going to a writing group with my new friend Mary, so I'm glad that I now have a project to discuss.

In other knitting news, I reached and passed the halfway point on my baby blanket, which is cool. it's all downhill from here. Did I mention that I'm not buying any more yarn until I finish my two prjects I've got going now? I really mean it. And I'm taking orders for knitted goods for Christmas. Anyone who wants a Harry Potter scarf (in your choice of house colors) should speak now. And I've sorted out my next four or so projects. Which I will not ennumerate and describe here, because I have mercy on you and restraint for myself. Sigh.

In other dork news, I watched most of all three LOTR movies yesterday. And then today, I had lunch with Mary and we walked around and talked about things we want to make. What fun!! AND we got to listen to This American Life which was all about profanity and (as usual) fascinating.

Baby news. Lily came through her first round of shots like a champ. I did not break down and cry. I count the day a success. Baby tylenol is a wonderful product.

And, preliminarily, it looks like the Lakers are losing the Finals which does my husband's Knick loving heart good. Though I can't help but feel sad for Karl Malone. I'm not the best sports fan. I lack the killer instinct. At least as far as sports are concerned.


Mary said...

Two things:
- I've never thought about a murder mystery involving knitting, but I have always thought about being stabbed accidentally by my own needles (like tripping over something only to land on them)
- Did I ever mention the Harry Potter scarf I'm knitting? I've frogged it once already and will probably frog it again... but the colors just happen to be the same as Oberlin colors - which makes it doubly perfect for an old college friend of mine.

Great knitters think alike!

mensch71 said...

First time reader - found you through several links and I'm cracking up over the similarities! I'm pretty sure I've read your parent's books. I'm a murder mystery junkie and when I learned how to knit, the project went from a pot holder to a scarf to an afghan that's too big for a King sized bed!