Saturday, May 15, 2004

First of all, I hate talking about my dreams. I find it this totally masturbatory exercise, AND it's bad storytelling to boot. And, let's face it, no one really cares what's happening in your subconscious. This is my pet peeve. Well, one of a few. That being said, I have this recurring dream. I'm running, but not getting anywhere. I'm running and running and running and it's like I'm in slow motion. Having the said dream pet peeve, I'm not much in to the meanings of dreams, but I've never had a recurring dream image like this. I suppose it has something to do with the frustrations of new parenthood and all the adult things I'm facing lately. I just thought I'd mention this as a way to get out of the baby poop and breast milk direction that this blog has taken so far.

I got the main color of my yarn for the bag I am making. It's a bright orange by brown sheep. it's a beautiful wool mohair blend and the yarn is shiny. I adore it. As soon as they get the rest of the yarn in at the shop I'm going to pick out a contrasting color for the stitching and the pocket. I'm taking suggestions for something to go with bright orange.

I'm also working on a ball of yarn made from cut up grocery bags. In the new issue of ready made magazine they make a quilted fabric out of folded up grocery bags and make it into a handbag and a messenger bag, so now I'm obsessed with making something out of plastic grocery bags. if you know where to find plastic grocery bags in colors other than white and walmart, I'm taking grocery bag donations. Eventually, I'll try to knit something up with my grocery bag "yarn," but I'm just building up a stash of it right now.

Lily smiled at me yesterday for the first time. Totally amazing. I almost cried. It lasted like two seconds and is among the top five moments in my life.

Friday was my first day at the needlework shop. I had SO much fun. I really like my coworkers and my boss and the perks are awesome. An added bonus is that I am not typing all day, so when I get home I actually feel like writing something, be it emails or something more creative. Which makes me happy. But I'm still going back to the bookstore next wednesday.

Grandpa Eisenberg is a big hit with Lily. He's visiting for the weekend and we've had a good time.

Tomorrow we're going to try the drive in thing with Lily. Jeremy's not excited about it, but I think it could be fun. It could also suck big time, but I'm willing to risk it, as I don't get out much.

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