Monday, December 19, 2005

The Christmas Crush

Usually I am the most on top of Christmas person ever. At least I feel that way. Months before hand I have ideas on what to get and make for people and am ready for the Christmas season in style. This year has really seemed like a lot of work. It is my first Christmas with a two year old, and my first Christmas dealing with the shipping window, and my first christmas with allergies. How did I grow up in the South without allergies, only to move to the desert and have allergy problems in freaking December? Clearly, I need some botany lessons. And some cookies. Having missed today at work due to the aforementioned allergies, I have also thus far abstained from the making of the traditional Christmas cookies for the obligatory office cookie exchange, as I did not think anyone needed my special brand of contagion flaked surprise. The pants has run out even now to buy a sufficient quantity of the latest in cookie technology, where you place the little blocks on the cookie sheet and voila, cookies. But, he has been instructed, not to buy the pre-shaped cookies that allow you to ice chocolate chip cookies. We are not totally licentious sybarites. We have some traditional values. This IS a weird Christmas, though. Friday we're driving up to Las Vegas again to see Jeremy's brother and have a pretty quiet and small Christmas. Then I have the week after Christmas off, so I foresee lots of trips to the park, and maybe a few judicious trips to the movies, while certain daycare services are partaken of... No doubt about it, Best Christmas Ever!

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