Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pictures Coming Soon

Finally got my goodies from knitpicks. They were awesome as promised, but just so you know the extra speedy shipping would be SO worth it. What with the move and everything that's been going on lately, I started my christmas knitting, last week. But I only have to have one pair of socks finished by christmas. the other two projects can be mailed any old time. Tonight at target I discovered the most awesome product. They're batman shoe charms and they're 6 for 2.99 and they make really awesome stitchmarkers! who doesn't want a little more batman in their knitting? I don't know where in the store they keep them. I found mine discarded by the checkout aisle. I also finally sent out the christmas lists for the family and am slowly getting back in the christmas lists for the family. We're really anal about it in my family. We got our first family christmas tree today! Decorations and all for under $20. I'll tell you my secrets when we post pictures. And just as a hint for anybody wrapping presents for my daughter. You know those falls of curly ribbon? She is fascinated by them. What else? My plan for yarn from work seems to be going well. More on that later.

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