Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Secrets (No Knitting Content)

Just to be clear, I feel I should state my policy on secrets. There was a scene on sports night once, where the boss was mad because something he had told lady A (played by the then unknown felicity huffman) had gotten around the office. Lady A defended herself by saying that she had only told her assistant, Lady B. Lady B defended herself by saying that she had only told her boyfriend (played by the dreamy... wait, let me imdb him... wait, is it weird that I find him dreamy? But he plays smart so well. And funny! Joshua Malina, that's his name. Been in tons of stuff. Know him anywhere, just obviously not by name). The boyfriend said "I told many, many people." Let's just say I fall into that last category. Any information that you impart to me that is in any way significant, I will immediately impart to the pants, and definitely Lily, and probably the daycare lady. Discretion, not really one of my better parts. Now that I think on it, not actually one of my parts. Just wanted to clear that up.

Have I told you all of Lily's new habit when going to bed? Instead of sleeping with a stuffed animal, we leave the hall light on for her and she looks through picture books until she falls asleep. And then we creep in and put the books on the chair. Very sweet, very cute.

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