Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Picture Heavy - Christmas Knitting - Don't Tell Amy!

First of all, here is the christmas tree photo I promised last time. The "star" is a bow, the ornaments are cardstock gift tags and the two garlands were in the dollar bin. And, the best part is, it won't break if Lily gets a hold of it.

Let's see, been doing lots of christmas knitting, and a little christmas shopping. I finished my first knitted stuffed animal! And it looks... okay! If nothing like the photo with the pattern. I do not blame the pattern designer. I used totally different needles and yarn, and my bunny still turned out recognizably (insert proper bunny adjective here). No more delay, here's the bunny, who is destined for lily, who will not in the near future scoff at my nascent bunny face embroidering skills. Here are the results of my christmas shopping. The sign at JoAnn said they were 50% off, but they were not, but they were plastic and glittery and I had to make them mine... Note the progression with the tiny fingers at the bottom of the picture.

and then...

Don't worry, anybody. She didn't get far. Also, note my favorite christmas ornament ever there at the top of the frame. It's pink, it's felt, it has rhinestones and it cost a dollar!

My only other Christmas knitting finished object is also a stuffed animal, though a rather unusual one. It's for my sister in law Amy who is a nurse practitioner. Hopefully she will recognize it, and also, not think it is too weird. Everybody at work thought the knitted digestive system was weird. (Just in case you follow that link, be sure to also check out the crafty section as her pirate gansey is not to be missed.) This little softie below also needs a name.

Jeremy has just about finished up school and we are, relatively speaking, winding down for the year. We don't have any big plans to go anywhere for a change (though we always welcome visitors). Just be warned. If you don't give me a Christmas list, I'm knitting you whatever I feel like. So if you don't want the knitted digestive tract (wouldn't it make the COOLEST science fair project?) you better let me know something in a jiffy. And here is one last photo to memorialize a good day we had when Lily's auntie Genny came to visit and we went shoe shopping. Here is Lily afterwards.

I'll sign off with a hearty Happy Holidays! it's fun, and it ticks off Bill O'Reilly! Tell everyone.

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Genny said...

i swear i may die from the cuteness of lily. soooooo cute!